Where can I buy Crich Brew Co beer?

Our beer is available in cans, keg and cask in a range of quality pubs and bottle shops in the local area. If you want your local to stock our beer, please get in touch. We can’t always guarantee we’ll be in stock, but we love supplying beer to the following places:


Comrades Club - Cask


The Beer Trap - Cans and Keg

The White Hart - Cask and Keg

The Angels Micropub - Cask only

Bang In Belper - Cask and Keg


The Talbot - Cans, Cask and Keg

Tom Said - Cans, Cask and Keg


The Smithfield - Cask

189 Allestree - Keg

The Furnace - Cask


The Feather Star


The Newsroom - Can

Sutton In AshfIeld:

Firerock Brewing


We sell online on this website once a month wheb stock allows, and we also have a selection on www.adventurebeer.co.uk.